CALCE Battery Group

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    Performance and Life Testing

    CALCE test facility for secondary batteries includes:

      Cadex C8000
      Cadex C8000 Battery Test System
      • Four independent testing channels
      • Nominal Voltage range 1.2V-36V
      • Current range up to 20A
      • System Sample Rate 500 microseconds
      • Supports all standard battery chemistries
      Arbin BT2000
    • Arbin BT2000 Battery Test System
      • 16 independent testing channels
      • Nominal Voltage range up to 5V
      • Current range up to 5A
      • System Sample Rate
      • Supports all standard battery chemistries
    • Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition system
      • Measures and converts 11 different input signals (temperature, resistance, voltage, etc.)
      • Up to input 60 channels
      • Can be used for switching and signal routing
      • Capable of measuring up to 300 volts

    The battery test systems at CALCE are often used in conjunction with equipment such as data acquisition systems for collecting auxiliary data and environmental chambers and vibration tables for simulating usage environments.

    Failure analysis

    CALCE labs have a wide range of failure analysis resources which are used to investigate internal battery materials. A review on battery failure analysis and a method for conducting battery disassembly can be found in CALCE’s publication Disassembly Methodology for Conducting Failure Analysis on Lithium-Ion Batteries. Failure analysis Equipment

    • Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
      • (25x-2500000x)
      • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
    • Stereoscopes (10x-63x)
    • Optical Microscopes (25x-1000x, Inverted and upright)
    • Cross-Section Sample Preparation
      • Diamond Saw
      • Polishing and Grinding Station
    • Phoenix Nanomex X-ray System