CALCE Consortium Project 2017 CALCE EPSC Research 2017


CALCE EPS Consortium Research for 2017

The following projects were presented to the CALCE EPS Consortium Members on October 22, 2016 and have been approved for study during the 2017 research year by the Director of the CALCE Electronics Products and Systems Consortium. For general inquiries, please contact Michael Osterman .

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C17-01 PoF Acceleration Models for Simultaneous Temperature Cycling and Harmonic Vibration: Durability of LCR SAC305 Solder Interconnects
C17-02 MDoF Vibration Durability and Acceleration Models: Harmonic MDoF Vibration Tests
C17-03 Virtual-Testing Models for Creep Properties of Polycrystalline SAC Joints
C17-04 Energy Based Fatigue Models for SAC Solders
C17-05 Long-term Reliability of Lead-free Electronic Systems
C17-11 Reliability Assessment of Advanced Microstructures in Chip-scale Packages
C17-12 Modeling of Diffusive Moisture Transport
C17-14 Experimental/Numerical Hybrid Approach to Improve Warpage Prediction Accuracy
C17-15 PoF Approach for Assessing the Creep Response of Different Combinations of Substrates and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives PSAs
C17-18 Evaluation of Susceptibility to Cracking of Ceramic Capacitors
C17-19 Life Estimation for Tantalum Capacitors with Conductive Polymer Electrolytes
C17-20 MOCA Design Refresh Planning Tool Software Update and Case Study
C17-21 Examination of Glass/Epoxy Interfaces in Printed Circuit Boards
C17-22 Life Cycle of Mixed Metallurgy Connectors
C17-24 Failure Prediction and Detection in Automotive Power Assemblies
C17-29 calceSARA Updates: FEA integration and imports
C17-30 Factors Impacting Surface Insulation Loss on Printed Wiring Assemblies