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Reliability Assessment of 3D Printed Electronics

Investigators at University of Maryland and LPS have successfully teamed with LMCO, GE-GRC, Optomec, Intrinsiq Materials and Binghamton University, to win a 18-month grant from NextFlex - PC 2.0 program, for demonstrating conformal electronics printed on 3-D doubly-curved surfaces. CALCE's role is to assess the reliability of the new material sets and the non-traditional geometric architectures that are envisioned in this project. The team members represent all aspects of the value chain, from end-user/OEM to academia to equipment and material suppliers. The team will develop hardware and software that can demonstrate deposition on a curved surface (defined as greater than +/- 30deg biaxial curvature) with a geometric distortion relative to the intended pattern geometry less than 10%. The result of this effort will permit the realization of the full promise of 3D Printed Electronics technologies that can be “printed in 3D space”; i.e.: the ability to print onto the surface of an existing 3-dimensional component for the purpose of incorporating sensors, antenna and related circuitry.

For further information, please contact Abhijit Dasgupta

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