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Goa College of Engineering and CALCE discuss Seminars on "Engineering for Social Change"

Professor Michael Pecht was recently invited to Goa College of Engineering (GEC). GEC was established in 1967 to provide technical manpower focused on Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The discussions with Prof Pecht, centered on the new University of Maryland course (and CALCE book), Engineering for Social Change Engineering is not just Engineering authored by D. Anand, D. Hazelwood, M. Pecht, and M. Kapilashrami. The issues are associated with how engineering directly and indirectly affects society and what the unintended consequences are. CALCE and GEC are looking to host a seminar series on these subjects next January 2018 with contributions from leading educators and government planners.

If your organization is interested in contributing to this topic, please contact Prof. Michael Pecht.

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