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Addressing Intermittent Failures and No-Fault Found Challenges Road-Track and CALCE

From left to right: Juan Villalva – EndToEnd and OTA Manager, David Santana – Root Cause Analysis Manager, Cristina Navas – Root Cause Analysis Engineer, Diego Ruiz – FMEA Manager, Karla Acosta – Product Validations Manager, Francisco Velástegui - CTO, Michael Pecht (CALCE), Omar Marcillo – Product Quality Manager

Prof. Pecht spent several days in March at Road-Track in Quito Ecuador to present best practices in addressing intermittent failures in automotive systems. Various causes of intermittent failures were discussed including both hardware and software. In addition, reasons for no-fault found conditions in the automotive supply chain were discussed. Road-track is a leading manufacturer of various automotive alarm, infotainment and diagnostic systems.

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