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A Perspective of the IPC Report on Lead-free Electronics in Military / Aerospace Applications

In April 2015, IPC published a report titled “Issues and Outlook for Lead-free Electronics in Military & Aerospace Applications.” According to IPC, the purpose of the report was to “support the case for funding a continuation of the technical research begun by IPC's Pb-free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) Council.” The report examined the current state and issues of lead-free usage in high-reliability applications and predicted the future trend.

The report presented findings from an IPC survey conducted in March 2015. In total, 83 mostly military and aerospace related companies contributed their data and projections to this report. Among the respondents, 43% were electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies, 36% original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), 15% printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators, and 6% from other types of companies. Of the 83 companies, 79% based their operations in North America, 16% in Europe, and 5% in Asia.

In addition to the survey, the report also included results of some secondary research on the shift towards lead-free electronics and issues in the supply chain that may be increasingly problematic for manufacturers that rely on the availability of leaded materials and components.

To know more, please refer to Fortier, Aleksandra, and Michael G. Pecht. "A perspective of the IPC report on lead-free electronics in military/aerospace applications." Microelectronics Reliability, volume 69, pg. 66-70, 2017

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