Open Forum

Welcome to the Open Forum on electronic products and systems development and applications. I consider the issues discussed here to be important to the electronics industry. If you have any comments on any of the topics discussed or would like to suggest topics for future discussion, please contact me. Special thanks is to given to the IEEE Transactions on Component and Packaging Technologies (www.cpmt.org)

Dr. Michael Pecht, Professor and Director
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

    Topics Covered:

    1. Software Obsolescence°™Complicating the Part and Technology Obsolescence Management Problem
    2. Semiconductor Manufacturers' Efforts to Improve Trust in the Electronic Part Supply Chain
    3. Assessment of Organizational Reliability Capability 
    4. Prognostics and Health Management of Electronics
    5. Are You Ready for Lead-Free Electronics?
    6. The Role of the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Automotive Electronics Reliability and Safety Assessment
    7. Sensor Technology Roadmapping Efforts at iNEMI
    8. Using Cut-Out Features for Efficient Printed Circuit Board Testing and Failure Analysis
    9. How China Is Closing the Semiconductor Technology Gap
    10. Tin Whiskering Risk Factors
    11. Optimum Technology Insertion Into Systems Based on the Assessment of Viability
    12. Are U.S. Jobs Moving to China?
    13. Why Electronics in China - A Business Perspective
    14. Critique of EIA SSB-1: Guidelines for Using Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits and Semiconductors in Military, Aerospace, and Other Rugged Applications
    15. Aging Avionics-What Causes It and How to Respond
    16. Handling the Migration to Lead Free
    17. Prognostic Methodology for Deep Submicron Semiconductor Failure Modes
    18. An Avionics Guide to Uprating of Electronic Parts
    19. A Perspective on North American PWB Technology Hurdles and Barriers and a Strategy to Overcome Obstacles
    20. The Electronic Part Life Cycle
    21. Nano-to-Millimeter Scale Integrated Systems
    22. Reliability Prediction and Assessment of Electronic Systems and Equipment
    23. The Role of Physical Implementation in Virtual Prototyping of Electronic Systems
    24. Getting the Quality and Reliability Terminology Straight
    25. Review of STACK Documents
    26. What Drives Research
    27. The Realism of FAA Reliability-Safety Requirements and Alternatives
    28. Research Directions in Electronic Packaging
    29. QML Assessment
    30. Understanding and Solving the Real Reliability Assurance Problems
    31. Uprating
    32. Thermal Derating
    33. Burn In
    34. Electronic Components Obsolescence
    35. Issues Affecting Early Affordable Access to Leading Electronics Technologies by the U.S. Militay and Government