LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing Symposium - November 28 - November 30, 2017

Conference Chair - Dr. Diganta Das (diganta@umd.edu), Ph.D., CALCE/University of Maryland


November 28 - November 30, 2017

Archie K. Davis Conference Center
Research Triangle Park, NC

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) is increasingly the technology of choice in lighting and display applications. LEDs offer design flexibility, from zero-dimensional (dot-scale lighting) to three-dimensional lighting (color dimming using combination with different colors). LEDs have small exterior outline dimensions while offering high-energy efficiency that results in lower power consumption. With appropriate thermal management, LEDs can have longer lifespans than conventional lighting sources. LEDs are also eco-friendly products with less UV radiation and no mercury.

LEDs had a rapid progression from research laboratories and academic institutions to store shelves and light sockets. This aggressive adoption curve has made LEDs ubiquitous across multiple applications, including automotive, industrial, sports, and entertainment lighting systems. However, the main challenge to an even wider deployment platform for LEDs is the disconnect between the potential performance observed in laboratories and the real performance observed in the field. Also of concern is the ability to assemble LEDs into systems in a manner consistent with end product quality and reliability expectations.

The LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing (A.R.T.) Symposium will provide attendees with information to bridge the gap between the semiconductor physics and the architectural design level issues in LED supply chain. The design, manufacturing, reliability assessment, testing and inspection of LEDs and LED lighting products are not at the same level of development and interest. The LED A.R.T. Symposium is the forum for the industry to explore the problems faced and offer solutions.

The Technical Sessions Will Include:

  • LED Applications
  • LED Solder Joint Reliability
  • LED Failures and Failure Mechanisms
  • Board Processing with LEDs
  • LED Packaging
  • Panel Discussions

  • For more information on the conference, exhibition, or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jenny Ng at 952-920-7682.
    For more information on the Technical Program and Tutorials, contact the Program Chair, Dr. Diganta Das.

    Technical Program

    Tuesday, November 28

    7:30 AM
    Session 1: Opening Session
    8:30 AM
    Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE, University of Maryland
    8:45 AM
    9:30 AM
    Session 2: LED Applications
    10:00 AM
    10:40 AM
    11:20 AM
    Counterfeit LEDs and How to Detect Them
    Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE, University of Maryland
    12.00 PM
    Session 3: LED Packaging
    1:00 PM
    1:30 PM
    2:00 PM
    2:30 PM
    Networking Break
    Session 4: Failures and Failure Mechanisms
    3:00 PM
    3:30 PM
    4:00 PM
    LED faults found by 2D and CT X-ray
    *TBA - To be announced

    Wednesday, November 29

    7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
    Session 5: LED Luminaires
    8:30 AM
    9:15 AM
    9:45 AM
    Networking Break
    Session 6: LED Solder Joint Reliability and Processing
    10:15 AM
    10:55 AM
    11:35 AM
    12:30 PM
    Session 7: Board Processing with LEDs
    1:30 PM
    2:00 PM
    2:30 PM
    3:00 PM
    Conference Conclusion
    3:30 PM
    Facility Tour: NCSU Nanofabrication Facility & FREEDM Systems Center


    Thursday, November 30

    8:00 AM
    8:30 AM -
    12:00 PM
    Shining a Light on LED Technology: Construction, Reliability, Qualification, Failure Mode
    1:30 PM -
    5:00 PM
    Failure Mechanisms and Qualification Tests for LEDs
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    Mountain View Mountain View

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