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 Another CALCE Alum Honored

Former CALCE student, Yan Liu, Ph.D., received the Outstanding Young Engineer Award from the 2017 IEEE EPS Society.

Dr. Liu received the award for her contributions in electronic packaging materials and nanotechnology through her work in the superhydrophobic surface for energy and electronic applications, novel polymeric materials for advanced coating and electronic packaging.

Yan Liu earned her Ph.D. in Reliability Engineering at the University of Maryland ind 2006, during which time she worked with CALCE as a research assistant in the Electronic Products and Systems Center. At CALCE, Professor Pecht served as Dr. Liu's advisor, and the two share a patent.

Read her thesis abstract here.
Test Services and Failure Analysis

Shunfeng Cheng (left) and Yan Ning (center) with CALCE Director Michael Pecht (right).

Shunfeng Cheng, Ph.D., a Packaging R&D Engineer with Intel Corporation. Cheng earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Reliability of Electical Products and Systems. During his time with CALCE, Cheng worked on reliability assessment and prediction of electronic devices.

Yan Ning, PhD. earned her degree in Mechanical Engineering and works as a Systems Senior Engineer with Dell. Read the abstract to her thesis, Reliability of Copper-Filled Stacked Microvias in High Density Interconnect Circuit Boards here.
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