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CALCE and iNEMI Test Connector Reliability

Dr. Carlos Morillo, CALCE, and Holly-Dee Rubin, Nokia, have assumed leadership of iNEMI's project to develop standardized reliability qualification methods for connectors.

The new team is moving forward with Phase II of the project by defining levels of connector stress and mapping these stresses to the tiers established in Phase I. The initial phase of the project determined the need to define specific test conditions to help develop standardized reliability testing procedures.

The goals of the phase of the project include:

  • Define stress levels to connectors
  • Review test specs for Phase I and propose changes to testing conditions for different environmental stresses
  • Review test spec sequence and propose updates to stress testing
  • Add guidance for noble vs. non-noble plating finishes
  • Develop a new standard test report format and alignment of critical elements to include in connector reliability reports
  • Improve connector reliability requirements between supplier OEMs
The team will proceed with work by developing design guidance on plating systems and proposing specifications for stress testing and standardized testing formats. At this time, the team plans to complete Phase II of the project and lay the groundwork for a test vehicle for Phase III by May, 2018.

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